Beaches and thermal baths

Poroszló has a natural sandy beach in a short walking distance from our guest house. The neighboring village, Sarud (8 km) has also a favorable swimming possibility, which could be also a nice bicycle tour on the levee. Midway it is advisable to take a break with a refreshing drink at the small boats harbor of Újlőrincfalva.

Among the nearby spas, Eger bath offers the most diverse experiences: in the 500 years old Turkish Bath the radon-containing mineral water has anti-inflammatory and cell rejuvenating effect.

In Mezőkövesd – Zsory bath, the thermal water is suitable for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, eroded joints, aftercare of orthopedic surgery. It can improve metabolism and the body’s resistance.

In Egerszalók and Demjén the local thermal water helps against musculoskeletal, respiratory and allergic diseases. The largest cave bath in Europe was built also in Demjén.

The neighboring Tiszafüredi Thermal is suitable for the healing of musculoskeletal disorders.


The Lake Tisza Ecocentre in Poroszló

The Lake Tisza Ecocentre in Poroszló displays the amazing nature and wildlife of the River Tisza through the largest freshwater aquarium system in Europe. A small pier on the Lake right next to Ecocenter provides a direct link to the Lake Tisza Water Path and Promenade.

Lake Tisza Ecocentre

Water Tours

The Tisza Lake is Hungary’s most spectacular water paradise. It is an amazing mix of reeds, channels, backwaters, open water and floodplain forests. Due to the various aquatic plant development month after month, year after year the Lake shows a different image of itself.

After a refreshing bath, canoeing into the sunset could be a nice completion of the day.

We have different exciting water tours in our program with experienced tour guides discovering the hidden parts of the Lake, combined with birdwatching and hiking tours on the floodplain tracks.

Wine tourism

Hungary’s 2 most famous historical wine region – Eger and Tokaj – lies within available proximity. In Eger – 40 minutes by car – at the famous „Valley of the Beautiful Women” nearly 60 wine cellars can be visited. One of the most famous wines of Eger, the Bull’s Blood Feast, has been traditionally held every year in July.

Perhaps the world’s best-known Hungarian wine region, Tokaj is 90 km away from us, around 1 hour drive. Besides Tokaj, the best wineries of the region are to be found in Bodrogkeresztúr, Tarcal and Olaszliszka.

Hortobágyi Puszta – Birdwatching

The internationally acknowledged importance of the Hortobágyi Puszta is due to its unique bird life as well. The marshes and fishponds are excellent spots for bird nesting and migration. So far, 342 bird species were registered here. Most of the migrating cranes flying through Hungary are resting on the Hortobágyi Puszta. The largest crane crowd observed so far counted 55 thousand birds. In spring and in autumn and the crane and wild geese migration is an internationally famous attraction. Europe’s largest stock of spoonbill and many other species of herons found a living space here. At the ponds the observation of the white-tailed eagle can be a unique experience. With luck, visitors can also meet black storks here.

Hortobágy-halastavi Kisvasút

Cycling tour around the Lake Tisza

On the levee of the Lake Tisza there is a wonderful bike path for those who are seeking for active relaxation. The tour around the lake is a great experience and a real performance. The scenery is beautiful, and various water birds can be seen.

Fishing and hunting

For fishing you need an annual fishing license, (around 90 EUR) or a day ticket (around 8 EUR). In winter ice fishing is possible.


For hunting it is necessary to contact the local hunting association. (pheasant, mallard, wild-goose, deer, boar)

Hunting club

Adventure Island Tiszafüred

At Tiszafüred an adventurous fun center was built on a fascinating island of the Tisza Lake which can provide unforgettable experience for children and adults at wonderful natural conditions where the visitors can get acquainted with the wonderful wildlife of the Tisza Lake from body close. On the 18 acre flood plain island the 15 m. high climbing wall and look-out tower, the rope slides with their 140 game elements of different difficulties, mini golf, playground, water kangaroo will be a unique and unforgettable program for the adventure seekers.

Adventure Island Tiszafüred

Hiking trail along the flood plain

The 1500 m long hiking trail in the breathtaking nature will be an amazing experience. From the observation towers you can admire the lake’s fascinating birdlife. The tour provides exciting adventures for the nature-loving guest.

Our guest house is located in the center of the recommended programmes.